About Me

William on location with thermal trousers, body warmer, thermal fingerless gloves, hat and wellies!

I live and work in Ardvasar in the south of the Isle of Skye and it is the light and atmosphere of this beautiful Island that provides my inspiration. 

As a committed plein air painter I work directly in front of the subject, in all weathers, times of day and year. My work is freely painted with a painting knife and any additional work is kept to a minimum. Selection and interpretation when working with the subject continues a long tradition in Scottish art. I particularly like the Iona studies of the Scottish Colourists, McTaggart's waves and John Houston's Bass Rock paintings. Houston's influence extended beyond my time in Edinburgh - his Harris paintings done in the late 1970's are beautifully atmospheric and were shown at Skye's Gaelic College in 1978. 

Influences are important in artistic direction and are more important to me than fashion.  My aim is to simplify and capture a sense of place. People who know my work tell me that it elicits an emotional response, particularly in the interpretation of light. If I succeed in conveying that emotion, I am on the right track.

I have listed my exhibition record on a separate page and at the foot of that page are some education notes.

I have work in several significant collections of Scottish art but my best review came from Alfred Wainwright who bought a painting of Blaven in the 1970's - " It's a belter".